Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blue Kid pages 3 and 4

This is the second two-page spread. Color separations were a bitch-- as I mentioned before,I'm doing the whole thing so it's press ready. My self-confidence and general output has been at a real low eb, but today I listened to this pep talk from Zefrank and found it generally encouraging, so I was inspired to finish the coloring today. I've been sitting on it for a while, stuck on some really unimportant things, like the typeface (I ended up using the one I made myself years ago) and my failure to execute this cartoon perfectly.

The general Zefrank message seems to be that you're never going to do anything if you wait around till conditions are ideal, so it's important to just make stuff, even if it's bad stuff, because there's no way to make good stuff unless you make some bad stuff first. Good ideas don't mean much if you don't do the hard part and get off your ass and make something. So I'm going to get making.

Edit: Sorry, no strips this time. The Blue Kid to be seen on Top Shelf 2.0 soon!


  1. To that I would add "Don't be afraid of do-overs!"

    Which I am, afraid of do-overs. I DREAD the do-over. I am do-overing a book now for the FOURTH time. It's a kids' book, and it's just the sketches, layout, design etc that I am doing for the fourth time, so it's not THAT massive a job.

    But still, it's a pain in the ass and VERY hard to get rolling on it because I feel like "Damn, am I going to roll this stone up the hill FOREVER?" But once I get rolling, and see how much improved it is when I fix all the things that were bugging me, then it really feels like I'm DOing something constructive. And I am!

    So anyway - my point is not that YOU need to do-over. I'm just adding to the "get off your butt and do" list of hard work to not be afraid of.

    I like ZeFrank too! He's a clever guy.

    Chastity Manure is a great name!

  2. This is, as a mentioned before, a do-over, and hopefully I won't have to do-over the do-over, because I don't think I can make it that far. At the moment this is pretty uphill--not just the project itself, but making things in general.

    I am totally proud of the name Chastity Manure, one of many reasons I've dredged this up again in the first place.

    I understand the importance of do-overs, but also, I think it's important not to perpetually do things over, which is my tendency--to do-over and do-over and never finish anything. Both of these do-overs were in fact, done over at least once--and the previous page was done over about 3 times after the intial cartoon was dredged up. I know they look pretty simple, but for whatever reason it's been hard to satisfy myself.