Friday, January 16, 2009

Love From

www.barack-obama-now, the oldest obama website (2006!), has just given us a plug.

We also have a new retailer, Bizarro World here in Davis CA who will be carrying our "Yes We Can!" posters. Bizarro World is a comic book store, and has apparently been selling the bejeezus of of the recent Obama meets Spider-man comic, and hopes to pick up on the new traffic of Obama enthusiasts.

Get yours today from one of our retailers, or direct from!

This just in:

A recent plug from Brett Warnock, co-publisher at Top Shelf on the Top Shelf blog!

Top Shelf is one of the very best comics publishers around.

Brett mentions that we met 10 years ago, and at first I thought that couldn't possibly be true, and then I did the math, and realized that it was in fact very likely 10 whole years ago! How did I get this old?

Addendum: The Nose

So, Google Analytics makes it so I can see how many people visit what pages--it's totally anonymous--it just gives me a general idea what people like to look at.

So it seems like someone is trying to access an image they've probably bookmarked that's no longer on the site, an image called "the nose" based on a famous story from the writer Gogol. That image represents a direction I'm no longer pursuing at the moment, but here it is on my blog:

The Nose!

So if there's any picture that's not on the new website that I've done in the last three years, it's probably in my blog archive.

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