Thursday, October 08, 2009

Crimefighter is here!

My new 32 page comic is here!

Here's the breakdown:

20 pages by me. These are my comics Crimefighter and Anonymous in black and white and Tar Pit Trouble in Full Color! Yes, you can see all these strips on my site. So why should you buy this when you can read them for free? Well, not only do you get my strips in handy dandy pureed dead tree format to keep for the ages, but you get:

4 pages of comics by Mark Martin!

8 pages of comics by Rick Grimes plus a full color strip that runs for two pages on the Margin of my Tar Pit Trouble strip in FULL COLOR!

2 Full page illustrations by Eric Orchard!

All for $3.99 in my store!

The price is $3.99 for an actual reason—my site calculates shipping costs, and it’s set up so that anything under 4 bucks costs a little less. However, it’s still pretty spendy for one comic book. So check out the other stuff on my site! You might find something you like or that might make a good gift, and shipping costs are lower overall if you buy more stuff!

So you can check it all out here:

1 comment:

  1. I'll also enjoy having paper copies of your finely designed stories, Jed.

    One can't flip back and forth, very repeatedly, throo a computer page,
    or sit for protracted minutes on the same spot and take somebody's style in.

    We artists gotta have that respite to
    learn from each other, too, oh Techno Phenomena.