Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Figure of the Summer, Classes Start Next Week!

Figure sessions will be going on hiatus until September, so this will be my last figure of the summer. This is from a 20 minute session.

Chris Beer who works at the Pence looked at this one and said that he could tell the difference in my skills since the first session last year, and that I was getting to become a "figure drawing ninja". Despite my new ninja status, my anatomy still needs improvement, and it still takes me longer to warm up than it would if I drew every day, a habit I really need to establish. So this summer I thought I would take advantage of the extra time by doing some more anatomy exercises.

Two New Classes for Ages 10 to Teen!

This summer I will be teaching two 6 week courses at the Pence, each held once a week for ages 10 to Teen, a comic book making class, called "How to Write Words and Draw Pictures" and an illustration course called, "Illustration and Storytelling". These courses start next week on June 15th and June 17th respectively.

Here's a link to a downloadable PDF with more information:

I'm excited to teach the comic book class again this year--last year students made some beautiful books and We already have two returning students signed-up. I've also got a ton of ideas for the new illustration course, and am excited to start something new.

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