Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daily Post: Sci-Fi Comic Panels, Strategies for Getting More Organized and More Productive

A tier of blue-lined panels for a science fiction comic book story called, Tiger Fish. I often draw in pencil, then scan the drawing and print it out in blue-line to be inked. I often work as large as three times the print size. This is printed on 11x17 bristol.

Combatting my Natural Tendency to Fuss

Just started inking this one. It's going to be a long haul. Going for a very classic feathered Alex Raymond/Al Williamson sort of deal, and there's a little bit of learning curve, depending less on contour and more on feathering and hatching. Today I learned another lesson in discipline: when to stop. I was starting to fuss and get obsessive, which was slowing me down, so it was time to put it away and move to another project for a while. What I've done in the past is just fussed on something like this for the rest of the day, noodling, not getting much done and getting daunted by the enormity of the project. Better to return to this later when I'm not so fussy. This once again is the advantage of having multiple projects going at once.

Project Folders

My other recent strategy: project folders. Not the kind on your computer desktop (which are also helpful to keep organized), but actual physical project folders. Rather than have the debris of multiple works in progress all over my table and studio, when I'm not working on one project, I put it in its project folder, inks pencils, blue lines, reference, whatever will fit in there. This way I never have anymore than material for one project on the table at a time. I don't waste time or get frustrated digging for some piece of reference or drawing that I can't find--it's all in the folder.

The more organized I am, the more I stick to a routine, the more I get done, so this is just one more strategy to that end.

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