Friday, November 18, 2011

Girl and Lantern Finish, Harvest Moon changes

Here's a new image, another image for the portfolio. I wanted to do another night scene, and I was inspired by an image by George Tooker of people holding lanterns. I'm particularly happy with the texture of satin on the woman's dress.

I still might do more to this one. I used a little more wash and dry brush in the earlier stages of the image as I have with other recent pieces, allowing me to generate an overall more painted look. 

Here's a revised version of my "Harvest Moon" image based on suggestions from my new rep, Abigail Samoun of Red Fox Literary (you can see the original version, here).

Abigail suggested that I get rid of the fireflies, since they were a little ambiguous. It wasn't clear exactly what they were, which is something I had already suspected. She also suggested I darken the background and add a glow around the scene, and put a little more color and modeling on the faces. And lastly, she suggested that I add highlights to the fur to make it look softer and more like fur, to contrast with the kids.


  1. Beautiful expressions on the mother and child. Great work. Sounds like a good new dynamic having someone to bounce ideas off.

  2. Thanks Pinky! I'm looking forward to seeing how things develop...

  3. I get so much visual enjoyment from lanterns. The one she is holding is simply gorgeous!

  4. Glad you had a before picture to's amazing the little changes had made. Great job, Jed!

  5. Thanks Rachel and Marlene! Rachel: this one was inspired by one of my favorite paintings by George Tooker of people in a garden holding lanterns. I'll show it to you sometime!

    Marlene: good to see you at figure the other day--it's always great to see how you draw.