Monday, April 02, 2012

Exciting New Technological Development for Comic's Fans!

Do You Really Want Your Comics to Be Destroyed by Harmful UV Rays? 

As all of you know, The CGC is the ultimate in comics grading. It's the process by which highly collectable comics, after being graded by experts, are sealed in a protective sleeve of Barex, a highly gas-impermeable plastic polymer. It used to be thought that the only perfect guarantee that your comics would be fully protected was to immediately seal up pristine comics in Barex before they've been sullied by reading, or molested by the grubby hands of children. But even this, has proven not to be ideal. Harmful UV rays can still seep in, causing your comics to fade by the damaging rays of even the lowest levels of light that enter your temperature controlled vault every time you open it. 

telltale signs of fading as a result of UV rays

But now there's The Unreadatron!


Now, with the full protection of the new patented process of the Unreadatron, nothing will ever touch your comics again, including light! With its unbreakable and fully opaque seal, neither light, cosmic rays or the subtle radiation emitted from human eyeballs will ever come in contact with your precious commodities again. Guaranteed to make your comics investment even more secure than internet stocks! 


  1. "the subtle radiation emitted from human eyeballs"

    I always suspected comic books weren't for reading. ;-)

  2. Some people seem to think so. :)

  3. To covet is to kill.