Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Swan Inks

Here's another inked portion of my work in progress for Cricket Magazine. I big hunk of the body will be cropped out, which is why the anatomy past the head is a little vague. I'm almost finished with the inks and will soon move on to colors.

Read My Twilight Fan Fiction!

So, yesterday I wasn't able to draw or ink much of the day because our electricity had been turned off. Instead I went to this cafe downtown called Mishka's,  and made it a writing day. Or mostly a writing day, anyway. I'm not usually one to drag my laptop into a cafe and write, but I had no choice. I'd much rather write in my chair at home, but this time  I actually kind of dug it. I had an enormous iced mocha and hunkered down to work. 

I've got a number of projects in the air right now in various stages of completion, but then, as a side project, I did some Twilight fan fiction. I'm not sure if I qualify as  fan, exactly, but I did read the first book, and, well, lets just say I respect and understand why it is beloved by many a teenage girl. That doesn't mean i consider it great literature, but I understand. So last Friday I was inspired to write some Twilight fan fiction, and came up with "Fifty Shades of Plaid."  I tightened it up a little and posted it yesterday. I thought it was great! I have yet to hear from anyone who feels the same, but I have also yet to hear from anyone else who has actually  read it. It's short, folks!  So give it a look if you have a moment.

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