Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yet More Swan Inks

I should finish up all the inks by this afternoon. Right now I'm inking fuzzy little baby swans.This was a tricky one--I'm not entirely sure if I have the anatomy dead on, but I think it reads pretty well.  This one contains a lot more hand feathering with a brush, and less dry brush effects, which seems to suit birds more than figures and fabric. Figures need a little bit of a softer touch.  It made me aware how much I missed feathering! I love those classic techniques, but they were designed for a time when nuanced grayscale didn't print as well. But I love that classic, Alex Raymond brushy feathering. It has a rich bold quality that I should take advantage of more, since I'm relatively good at it.

 Soon I'll be on to assembling the images and coloring!

 I recently changed the format on my blog to accommodate bigger images, so some of the images are actual size, but as a consequence, things get a little squooshed in the left hand column. Does that look weird? I could easily change it, but if it's too tight the bigger images will overlap the text which doesn't look so good. It's interesting to see stuff like the most popular posts. Most of them are stuff that mentions disney or Thomas Kincaid or some other name brand, but for some reason James and the Giant Peach is a consistent winner. Who knows? The other that seems popular is "How to Draw a Machine When You Don't Know How it Works" which I think is probably less informative than curious folks might wish it to be.

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