Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Poe's "The Haunted Palace," Halloween!

The Haunted Palace

Below is an illustration I did for a promotional book that's being sent out by my agency,  Red Fox Literary. Each artist illustrated a different passage from Edgar Allan Poe's Poem, The Haunted Palace.

My passage was:

Wanderers in that happy valley,

Through two luminous windows, saw

Spirits moving musically

To a lute’s well-tunèd law,

We had a short time to do it, and a very specific palette, and so I ended up going very literal. Sometimes the ideas don't come as freely as you like. I'm relatively content with this one, though I think if I had a little more time I would have done it more justice. 

Duck Island

So after many revisions, the dummy for my book, DUCK ISLAND goes out to publishers on Thursday and I'm anxious to see what happens. This one was a lot of work, and had quite an evolution.

Mostly Wordless

Still figuring out some of the particulars for MOSTLY WORDLESS before it sees print, but it's in the can and will go to press soon!

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