Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Grand Opening of my Brand New Etsy Store!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sketch Card Samples

So this is me answering the question, "can you do sketch cards?"

"Sketch cards" are, from what I understand, hand drawn cards inserted into packs of trading cards as a bonus. Each drawing is trading card size.

Since I didn't think the people who commission these things was going to look at my portfolio and say, "yep, this is the guy we're going to have draw Star Wars cards" I made these samples. This is actually the first time in my adult life I've drawn Star Wars anything, and since Star Wars dominated my childhood, it was a good time! I even had Star Wars trading cards as a kid!

Also Mars Attacks, which is what I'm more likely going to end up doing. For those unfamiliar, Mars Attacks was a series of trading cards done of the 50s that have seen a recent revival. Also, that Tim Burton movie "Mars Attacks" was based on these very same cards. Here's what they looked like back then: