Thursday, August 16, 2012

A new Dry Brush Figure Study

Figure Study in Drybrush

Here's another dry brush figure study from a 2 and a half hour pose. Really enjoying this, and feel like I'm finally getting consistent results, that more or less every session I can come up with a decent figure. It feels good. This one is about 24 inches in width, so my main desire right now is to work considerably larger, since I fell like I'm missing a lot of detail.

This one had some challenging and subtle foreshortening--when the foreshortening is more obvious, sometimes it makes it easier in a way, but the subtle tapering as the figure receded towards the head was tricky, and i had to take care that I was paying attention to what I saw and not what I thought I saw. You never quite feel like you've completely captured it, and I lost a little bit of twist in the hips in the translation, but I'm overall satisfied with the result. In recent years drawing the figure has become a real passion, And I'm looking into sharing the price of a model with another artist for some longer studies. 


  1. you did well with the subtle foreshortening :)

  2. Thanks! It was a really weird angle. I don't know what it is about figure drawing that's so relaxing and so satisfying. Illustration, by comparison, can be very stressful. And letting the dry brush do its thing, even when it's thing isn't always exactly what I was trying to do--the unpredictability really adds to the experience.