Sunday, October 28, 2007


This is the result of a couple of hours of fooling around. A sort of Matisse-like thing.


  1. My aunt was an artist, and conquered everything she tackled, from oil painting to fashion illustration. Conquer isn't even the right word, it just came naturally to her, everything she tried. Wood carving, embroidery, watercolor, you name it. She did fashion illustration as a young woman, then married my uncle who made enough money for her to quit working and raise a family and paint and just do whatever the heck she felt like doing. Once she got into building and painting plastic model kits, of all things! Like Harper Lee, she had great talent, but was able to just set it aside and play, not really a "driven" artist. I'm just assuming that about Lee, but it was definitely the case with my aunt. I have always been fascinated by anybody who could create and was not obsessed by it. In a way I envy them.

  2. Harper Lee's the "To Kill A Mockingbird" author, right?

    I kind of agree about the having fun but not being obsessed thing. I sometimes wish I wasn't so totally consumed with this stuff, because when it's going bad, and your seriously obsessed, everything seems to be going bad. But then when it's going well...