Friday, September 22, 2006

People Portraits!

This is My friend Jeff Faerber, also a very good painter:

You can check out his work Here.

Jeff's room mate Bryant, and another friend from school. This doesn't quite look like him, but it still came out pretty nicely:

From photos randomly culled from the internet. My original idea here was to do portraits at events, sort of like what caricature artists do, but I gave up on this to focus more on the dog portraits. In retrospect this seemed a little ambitious; it would've required a little more social endurance than I actually have. The idea at the time was to show enough of a range to demonstrate that I could draw pretty much anybody:

Ken, one of my favorite people. The visit on which these pictures were taken Ken managed to get me lost in my own neighborhood as we finished off an entire box of lime popsicles. It was kind of fun. Here's Ken:

So the new pet portrait site is up. I got the domain name,, just in case I wanted to use it for something other than just pet portraits. My friend Ethan Miller, who's a whiz at this stuff, put together the simple but clean website. Ethan is currently in the MFA program at San Jose State university, where he's doing some interesting, I guess what you might call, "fine art" programming, which is basically programming that has no practical purpose whatsoever, and it's pretty cool stuff. Here's his site.


  1. ever thought about doing comics?

    familiar with john j muth? you might take a liking to his stuff if you have not already.

  2. Oh, any comparison to Muth is a definite compliment. He did an issue of Sandman that was all ink and drybrush that was particularly nice.

    People have been really responding to this stuff, and I'm very pleased, but watercolor never seemed like a substantial enough medium to me. Just not meaty enough. Maybe I just aught to concede that it's the one thing I happen to be good at, and commit myself to it.

    You also have to realize these paintings are fairly large, and painting on your standard 10x15 comics page would be an adjustment. Even if I worked larger, it would still be a lot of little paintings.

    This whole business is very confusing to me. I feel like I have to commit to something, that having too much disparate stuff in my portfolio will render me unmarkable for editorial work.

    As for comics: believe it or not, I actually had a solo anthology with Alternative Comics about 3 years back, those folks that brought you James Kochalka and Magic Whistle. It was a little premature for me, a lot of half baked experiments, and it got canceled after one issue. I still see it on E-bay every once in a while. Please don't buy it.

    I have no less than three comics projects in the tumbler right now that I've written and that other people are supposed to draw, in various stages of progress. I'm doing breakdowns for one of them. I don't know if any of them will materialize in print form. One is a sort of Hard Boiled detective satire and the others are my attempts at straighforward commercial genre comics, which is why I'm not drawing them--there are people better at drawing that sort of thing than me, but I had a lot of fun writing them.

    I have a couple of scripts of my own I want to turn into comics some day when I get the time and when I'm making some sort of reliable income.