Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Future of "The Blue Kid"

Whoever you people are, you shan't see any more of "The Blue Kid" comic strips at this particular locale. Have I given up the ghost?


Soon, very soon, my dear reader, you will be joined by other readers if you venture to this site.

Not yet though.

For those not in "the know" the above "this" will lead you to Top Shelf 2.0, online comics from the much esteemed alternative comics publisher, Top Shelf! The folks at Top Shelf have recently deemed my strip 2.0 worthy, and so, if all goes as planned, once I've knocked out a few more of these things, the first installment will appear and be resumed there. By their request, so that the content will be "exclusive" to Top Shelf (assuming it's being seen at all at this point)I'll be removing the strips from this site shortly.

But that might be a few weeks. Continue to watch this space for more news!

In the meantime you may feast your eyes on these two handsome devils from Chefferey's Bistro:

Ever since I stopped actively seeking out Freelance, it seems to be finding me. In this case, the fine folks at Sac News and Review have asked me to do a couple of caricatures for a local ad.

The second guy came out a little toothy. It's so weird that a big white boxer's tooth guard-like mass with a few vaguely defined gums at the bottom ends up looking like teeth in the cartoon vernacular. Inexplicably, when you put the gums at the top of the white mass the teeth end up looking very wrong. This is no joke! Try it at home!


  1. Yeah, in the cartoon world, you are ALWAYS TALLER than the other guy, so you see his bottom gums, never the top gums. Even if you lay on the ground and look up at him! It's some kind of weird space-time wormhole conundrum.

    So Top Shelf just approached you out of the clear blue? That's sweet. YAY JED!

  2. Not quite out of the clear blue. They were promoting their online comics in a mass e-mail, so I sent Brent Warnock (well actually first Chris Starros who then referred me to Warnock who's taking care of the online comics) links to the strips. I've been sending them stuff forever, so apparently I've now earned enough brownie points to dodge the slush pile and Brent got back to me right away and said he dug it and wanted it on 2.0!

    Brent said he thought I was doing interesting things formally with the strip and mentioned folks like Hornschemeier and Dash Shaw, which is surprising to me because I wasn't exactly trying to be super progressive. I was going for a Winnie the Pooh, Harold and the Purple Crayon sort of feel, but I guess my stuff tends to naturally veer weird.

    Actually that's a mild concern--my original intention was to make a children's comic so I hope it's not too inaccessible. I figure if Edward Gorey can do it, I can't outdo him for weird.

  3. Hey Jed,
    last night I had a dream that you made a video game, but rather than a typical video game, it was more like an interactive comicbook game, much with the logic of the Blue Kid (only the game was in full 4 color) I was reading Rolling Stone and read the review they had of your game (which was credited entirely as "JED ALEXANDER'S GAME,... then the title of the game which I forget) It was a very positive review.

    Anyway,.. my subconscious says that's the direction for you to go in.

  4. Mmmm, videogames. Well, I kind of appreciate video games in theory, but I don't actually play video games, or like games in general all that much. Not to say that if someone gave me an "in", that I'd turn down the prospect--sounds like fun to me. At the moment though it's enough of a challenge to get enough comic strips between two covers to call it a book.

    I like the idea of narrative games though, and admire the wonky logic of stuff like mario brothers and particularly Katamari. If you haven't heard of Katamari, check this out:

    and this:

    Anyway, your subconscious must know something that I don't, because I have yet to be handed the keys to that particular car.