Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New Logo by Mark Martin! More to Come!

I'm putting together a self-published digitally printed comic for the Alternative Press Expo this year, and Mark Martin and Rick Grimes have generously offered to allow me to publish their work! 18 pages by me, 4 by mark and a whopping 8 from Rick Grimes! I've been a fan of both for years so it's a treat to have them in my book!

I particularly recommend the Rick Grimes Fansite! It needs your love! (warning: some of the art on this site is of an adult nature and may not be work safe.)

Mark Martin designed this amazing logo for the cover! (I decided to embrace the whole "vanity publication" aspect of the thing).

Why No Recent Posts?

I haven't been making any new posts for a while because I've been busy with a lot of stuff--the class I've been teaching, I organized a new figure drawing group (won't be posting any figure drawings for a while--I need more practice before sharing), a Xeric grant application, some anatomy drawing practice, and putting together the new comic. We also took a little vacation to the mountains. Also the Elephant factory was a big undertaking. (Pfew). But maybe I've been a little bit procrastinatey too! No more excuses!

I've Been working on a new Children's lit illustration, this time for "The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle". I've finished inking the background, and so this week I should at least be finished with the ink drawing. Coloring next week and I should be done! In the words of Yule Brenner, "So it shall be written, so it shall be done".


  1. I'd be happy to add your new figure drawing group to my directory.
    Just see the Submission Guidelines and email me the info. Thanks.

  2. Nice one, Jed! Can't wait to check this comic out when/if is made available. :)

    Also, thanks for plugging the Grimes site (and kind words), and is great to see you and Rick (and Mark!) working together as such. Nifty MM cover by the way.

    All the best with APE, hope it's a great success for you!


  3. I'll try to get back to you Andrew. Sorry I haven't been able to get to you sooner.

    And thanks Ryan! In case you're mistaken, this isn't the actual cover to the book, but the little imprint for the left hand corner. Sort of like our version of "DC comics" or the like.