Saturday, August 29, 2009

Call me a Ka-Blamgelist!

My friend cartoonist Mark Martin recently coined the word, "ka-blamgelist" to describe those of us who are enthusiastic about the low cost digital comics printer Ka-Blam. Well now I can confidently say Ka-Blam is well worth the praise! My new Blue Kid books just arrived, and they look fantastic!

So call me a Ka-Blamgelist!

These will not actually be for sale anywhere. I'm using them as samples of how I'd like my book to look when traditionally printed. This is for my Xeric grant application. The Xeric grant is a special grant for comics self publishers.


  1. Holey moley Jed! These are stunning! I'm off to Google Ka Blam right now.

  2. Consider yourself Ka-Blamgelized!

  3. They SHOULD be sale-able. Stuff that can be done today is truly amazing.
    Cartoonists should all be making
    reams of money.

  4. I'm sending one to you, Rick. Otherwise I'm going to wait and see how this thing works out with the Xeric.

  5. Oboy ! Thanks, Jed. Will enjoy it.