Thursday, May 12, 2011

May Figure, Searching for Portrait Models

Here's a moderately acceptable figure. The drawing is just OK, but there's a nice feeling of weight to it.

Still in a bit of a slump. I'm switching focus somewhat, for the next few images, concentrating more on YA/Teen material. I'm continuing with my middle reader chapter book, but I'm going to attempt a few mock-up YA covers. Or at least that's the goal. Since these will be portrait-based, I'm currently looking for portrait models, girls between 12 and 15 for photo ref, which has proven somewhat difficult. Illustrators: how do you find models for photo ref? When the ref I need is non-specific, or I'm going to generalize the information I use multiple photos pulled from a google image search, or I pose myself, but for something as specific as a portrait, finding models not in my peer age range is a little difficult. I can't render from someone else's photo--that photo would belong to them, and I also want to be able to pose and light the photo myself.

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