Saturday, June 09, 2012

Masked figure

Here was a figure that I still want to redraw. It's not bad, but not quite what I was after. 

I wanted to do a companion piece to the first Easter image with two girls, one with a mask. I always admired Renee French's masked figures, and I wanted to try the motif myself. Time allowing, I'll return to the subject. Images of children with masks on has both a sense of play, and an eerie sense of anonymity and mystery. I used to love masks and costumes as a kid, and the idea of becoming someone else. In a way, masks do transform you, since your facial expression, or a part of it is concealed, and this is how people recognize your identity and what you're feeling. This is why even whimsical or silly masks can be a little scary, an are a motif so often used in horror movies. But then, this figure isn't very scary, is it? Not that that's my intention, but it doesn't quite contain the sense of mystery that I was going for. Instead it's just kind of cute.

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