Friday, February 14, 2014

Getting Ready for School Visits!

Getting ready for school visits! I just made a 5 and a half minute video of (Mostly) Wordless with Ken Burns style pans and music and sound effects. Through Moby's "Gratis"free music program for amateur filmmakers, I was given permission to use his composition, "Summer," though I only ended up using a very small sample of piano notes in the beginning, since after that it got a little techno. Sound effects I got from a variety of free sound effects sites.

And here's the poster I may end up providing schools and libraries for promotion:

I'm planning to do a number of different Powerpoint programs for different age groups, though the movie is principally for Kindergarten and preschoolers. Marty Kelly (also represented by my agent Abigail Samoun at Red Fox Literary)  has given me some excellent advice on how to get my material together, at least on the business end, though I'm still working out how I'm going to manage presentations.  I also intend to do an art demo, and for older students, explain the Kickstarter process.

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