Thursday, March 12, 2009

Model Sheets

These are model sheets for a new sci-fi comic I'm working on. I usually don't do this, but last time it was a challenge to keep all the characters looking the same, so I guess there's a reason why people do these things.


  1. Funny how small facial details can make me think one of the astronauts is probably an asshole and the other one is kind of neurotic and insecure.

    Or maybe it's just me!

  2. I can see how you might see it that way, but the two characters spend most of the story separated from each other and isolated, and don't have much opportunity to demonstrate their relative dickiness or insecurity.

    If anything I was going for an "everyman" sort of look. These characters are pretty much cyphers or archetypes. The first one does look kind of surly though.

    It'll be an interesting story. Stay tuned.

  3. Speaking of Watchmen, which no one was, this was a Roarsarch test and I revealed more about my warped brain than your drawings!

  4. No. Cartoons are pretty iconic. A frowny guy with squinty eyes does look like a dick. A guy with a gee whiz expression does look relatively wimpy, and perhaps insecure.

    But then it could go either way, depending on context. But it's not an outrageous assumption.

  5. Great character designs!