Monday, March 09, 2009

New Wordless Comic!

It's called, "Anonymous". This is a superhero story about social masks. Here's a sample page:

And you can see the whole thing (13 pages):


I might have more to say about this one later. For now I'm just glad I finally finished the thing. Probably the most difficult comic I've ever done!


  1. I've been missing out! This whole strip is wonderful. Love the use of body language and the low key delivery(I find that hard to do). Beautiful restraint and great line work.

  2. Thanks Eric. Didn't mean to force the issue (ok, maybe I did) but I'm really proud of this one.

    As for the body language: good old photo reference. Just me, the digital camera and the timer. For me the key is not to render the photo but use it as a guide. As soon as I start copying the information in the photo everything stiffens up.

    Also I didn't want to overdramatize the alcoholism thing. It could have easily gotten really maudlin, so I avoided showing him sloppy drunk, so restraint is just what I was going for, so thanks for noticing!

  3. I really enjoyed this Jed! I was glad when I clicked on the next frame that he wasn't sloppy drunk, too.Great work!

  4. Thanks Janet! I think real sentiment vs. forced sentiment is a genuine challenge. It's very easy, I think, to slip into the sentimental especially when you show things like Addiction, illness (also mental illness) and death.

    Comics tend to draw things in broad strokes, and I'm really trying to avoid that.

    Two recent movies that I think deal with these issues with genuine sentiment are Half Nelson and Lars and the Real Girl (WATCH THIS MOVIE! NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!), both starring Ryan Gosling.

    Gosling and Joseph Gordon Levitt are probably the best young actors working today.