Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another Running Cow, Getting Submissions Ready for the 2011 Bay Area SCBWI Illustrator's Conference at Fort Mason

Here's another running cow for the same project, another piece of a larger composition. All my pencils and sketches are done for this one, 2 pages and a spread! On friday I send my sketches to the art director who will be evaluating the entrees for the conference. The entrants get feedback on the 29th, and we submit our finishes on September 10th. This isn't exactly a competition; there are 15 entrants who signed up, and one will be chosen for the critique, but there's no real "winner" or "loser". Since most of us are newcomers to the industry, we've signed up for the project to get a better sense of the process of of putting together a picture book in collaboration with an art director. The art director will be Joann Hill from Disney-Hyperion.

Some illustrators submit really tight roughs, some really loose sketchy ones. I probably fall somewhere in between, but usually I can ink directly onto my roughs, since most of the hard stuff is resolved. One illustrator I know, Tin Salamunic, submits sketches that are practically finished illustrations!

Inevitably the art director will ask me to make some changes, so it's important not to fall too much in love with your compositions. There's a lot more work ahead.

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