Saturday, July 02, 2011

Umbrella Kid Final

So here's the Umbrella kid in its final incarnation. This is meant to be a tri-fold mailer that opens up, with this first image on the outside:

This is the image you'll see on the inside as you unfold the mailer:

And here's the whole sequence:

I'm pretty happy with this one, particularly the water, which was an experiment. Working as I do in elements, drawing each element separately, this is the kind of effect I can really take advantage of. Drawing this as one image and separating out elements would have been really difficult, otherwise. It takes a little more planning, but it's really become a satisfying way to work with line.


  1. This turned out so well!!!

  2. Thanks! I think so too. I'm trying to simplify my faces, since that's the criticism I get most from editors at these SCBWI conferences--my kids aren't appealing enough. So hopefully this is a more appealing approach.

  3. Really beautiful piece, Jed, it captures the imagination of a child and for some reason makes me feel nostalgic for simpler times.

  4. Thanks Kris! One of the things I was thinking about when I was doing this was LIttle Golden Book images, those great gouache paintings by guys like Tenngren. I remember being particularly compelled by Martin Provensen's illustrations of the Margaret Wise Brown book, Color Kittens (I'm looking at it right now, or I'd never get the names right).

    Here's a peek at what I'm talking about:

    And the cover to The Color Kittens:

    It was mainly the imagery of all those great colorful buckets of paint spilling allover everywhere. In fact I think I'm going to have to make a blog post about Provenson.

  5. What a playful piece. Very fine work Jed. What a surprise to open the mailer and see the umbrella becomes a boat and riding the waves with fish. Beautiful work. Triple heart.

  6. You and Ethan have to come visit!