Saturday, September 09, 2006

More Pet Portraits

So here are some more animal portraits for my soon to be animal portrait and people portrait site:

So--custom pet portraits, some as big as 24x30--how much do you think I should charge for these things?


  1. hey jed, i just saw your comment on my blog. lol. no worries man. i appreciate a good crit as well as anyone. even if i am getting dumped on. i get dumped on more often than not, and im cool with it as long as its constructive and not like...

    joeshmoe: your art sucks!
    dex: why?
    joeshmoe: cause...i dont like your FACE! stop trying making art you ugly face!!!

    so again, no worries :)

    as far as me making comics. i really trying to find my way. the amount of crap that i produce is ungodly. but i decided to take the photographers approach to things, which is "keep shooting and maybe youll get lucky". theres stuff that ive kinda liked but im still piecing everything together.

    anywho, i LOVE marshall arisman and cy twombly. i have a great twonbly book and im looking into buying a documentary on arisman my friend told me about.

    as far as your question. what i do is track my hours and i charge accordingly. i add more if its something that i really like.

    an oh, i like the cat the best (not the siamese). the perspective maes it really approachable. The sam egoes with the white terrier :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback. And thanks for your patience of my not exactly requested critique. I had fun with these. People keep saying that I should make this my new illustration style, but it seems too limiting. It's too loosey goose to effectively do scenes with multiple figures and lots of readable objects. I'm still thinking about it though. It's definitely where my confidence lies.

  3. These are really nice portraits. Nice colors. The expressions/characters of the animals are very real. I feel like I could pet them and they will move around and play with me. :)

  4. these are great pet and people portraits. Did you ever made a living off of them?

  5. No. I wasn't able to. This stuff was long ago, way back in 2006, before I switched focus to children's material. but thanks Marlene!