Wednesday, September 09, 2009

100 Elephants

This is one in a series of 100 elephant drawings and paintings. This will take a while. It was done with an Esterbrook 355 pen nib.


  1. Awesome! Reminds me of mid century American kids book stuff.

  2. Thanks! It came up pretty good. 99 more to go!

  3. I agree--like something sprung free of a '40s cartooning book.

    Looks much better here than on Fbook.

    Does that pen allow all-in-one line
    move, or a 'dipper'? Never heard of it.

  4. It's a "dipper". It's a nice vintage flexible pen point that tends t to be easy to find in large quantity on E-bay. Usually I can get a gross for about $12.

    But yeah, I had to do a lot of stops and starts so it wouldn't bust or splatter.