Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Figure Drawings

These are more figure drawings from the thursday figure drawing sessions at The Natsoulas Gallery. I apologize (in advance) for the bad digital photos. I need to light these better before I take them.

A 15 minute pose:

And two 10 minute poses.

There was also a long pose, but with longer poses I'm often too fussy, so you won't be seeing that one.


  1. These are really nice. Very nice to finally see the figure work. You should try drawing on toned paper....allows you to work with the middle values first and helps you see and capture the shapes easier. cannot wait to see where you will take these figures from now on. Keep at it. Very good!! :D

  2. Great to see you figure work! Love these, much more delicate then your usual stuff.

  3. Thanks Tin!

    For now I'm just going to stick with graphite until I get more confident. sometimes with nicer paper I get too precious. Once I feel more comfortable with plain old graphite I'm going to move on to other media.

  4. And thanks Eric!

    Yeah, my other work is all very hard outlines, which definitely has its place. I'm forcing myself with these to just use a big giant hunk of graphite and try not to use my skinny pencil to much so I'l be forced to not be fussy.