Friday, September 25, 2009

100 Elephants: #3

Here's #3. 97 to go.


  1. This one's got a nice bit of 'tude. Like he's been unjustly wounded.

  2. This one does look kind of sad. It was my third attempt (Even though I'm doing 100, I want to maintain some quality control) and not my favorite of the bunch, but the craft is such that I"m committing to it's continued existence and allowing it to be one of the 100.

  3. Loving this series. This one's great.

  4. Thanks Eric! We'll see how it goes. It looks to be a long haul with this one with everything else I've got going on.

  5. I like him. Others will, too.
    Perhaps, he senses your 'disfavor'.
    You can't expect a hundred of anything to all be top elephants on the pyramid.
    Besides you don' wanna scrap him and have to do 101. :)

  6. I've done about 3 or more stabs at each of these. I want them to look spontaneous but I also wan't them to be worth somebody's $$.