Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hippo Character Designs

These  rough designs are for a picture book in progress.

The textile on the mother hippo is collaged in, but I'll hand ink it in the final so it won't have such a mechanical look. I've distorted it with the photoshop "transform" tool to make it fit the contours of the hippo more. 

Again, my general approach to anthropomorphism is to have a degree of naturalism, to use real animal anatomy as much a possible, so no hands or little white mickey mouse gloves. 

I love drawing the wrinkled and massive hides of elephants, hippos and manatees, all of which will be present in this new book. But I still have changes to make in my previous book proposal, so this one is on hold till then! 


  1. Great balance between realism and anthropomorphism!

  2. Thanks Austin! That's the idea. And also: not freakish. Unfortunately we're just not in that Grandville/Tenniel era where anthropomorphic characters can look just a little bit scary. Cute must prevail. But cute on my terms, damnit!