Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hear Me Talk About My New Book, (MOSTLY) WORDLESS on Davisville on 95.7FM KDRT!

About a week ago I recorded an interview with Bill Buchanan on the Davis CA local public radio show, Davisville. The show aired Monday night. Then shortly afterward something happened, and I'm not sure if the two events are related, but someone made a $1000 pledge to the Kickstarter campaign for my new book, (MOSTLY) WORDLESS. I'm speechless!

You can hear the show on the player below. I'm at the 15 minute mark or about halfway through the broadcast.

Or you can listen to it on KDRT,


 The $1000 winner, among other goodies, will be getting original art, and one of the very few in existence hand bound copies of ELLA AND THE PIRATES, the main story in (MOSTLY) WORDLESS. The Kickstarter campaign is still going strong with just three days left, so if you haven't checked it out, you can do so,


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