Friday, September 06, 2013

Some Behind The Scenes Art, and Going Off-Set!

Hi Everyone!

For some reason I keep forgetting to mention our Facebook page for (MOSTLY) WORDLESS:

You can find it here.  On the Facebook page there's more art from both books and more behind the scenes stuff.

So we're getting very close to the our goal ammount, and there's still 15 days left! There's been some wonderful support and its been great to get your e-mails, especially from those of you who have shared that you have young children and new babies on the way and are getting the book for them. That is very cool to hear!

So as close as we are to our goal of $7,000, I'd love for us to make our stretch goal of $14,000, because if we make our stretch goal we can go from digital printing to off-set. And the difference between digital printing and off-set printing is huge.

First, the quality of the printing will be better and I'll have more control over the color. We can add extras like spot lamination, full color end papers and more content. It could go from 46 to as many as 52 pages, while the average picture book is 32.

But even better, we'll get to make more books! One problem with more books is where the books are going to go. I don't want to get stuck with a garage full of unsold books. So I've been talking to an old friend who is a publisher who has offered to help me find a distributor for the book. Which means it will get into bookstores and libraries!

So if you'd like to see us go off-set, help us get the word out with reposts and retweets so we can reach our stretch goal!

And at the very end of this post I've added, as promised, another behind the scenes image, an inked picture, before color, from a short vignette about a dancing girl from (MOSTLY) WORDLESS.

And thanks again to everyone!

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