Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Ladybug and Gentleman Beetle Piece!

So here's the new piece, which leads into the other two posted in an earlier post:

I haven't been posting, or getting much done in general this week outside of writing, (which I've been doing quite a lot of) because I've been having trouble with my back. But not to worry! It happens about twice a year, and after a few trips to the chiropractor I'm  back in tip top shape! This image was completed last weekend, and I"ll be posting a more extensive blog entry about the whole project in the near future on the Red Fox Literary blog.

 While recuperating, I even wrote a new short story, my first attempt in a long while at an adult science fiction story! It's called, The Good Fight, about a war fought remotely from home, like a video game by soldiers who live with their parents. I don't know if I've ever had so much fun writing a short story, and as generally is the case, my science fiction inevitably turns out to be satire. I got a fair number of hits from my last short story post, Klesmer Vampires Steal Christmas (available for *free* in both text and audio form) but haven't gotten much reaction outside of a few close friends. So I'm glad to post these things, as long as someone out there is reading them. 

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