Monday, June 27, 2011

Fish Inks

Here is a dry brush fish, for my umbrella kid mailer.

I was out of town this weekend, so I wasn't able to post, but I did get some work done over the weekend. I was visiting Angelique Benicio, a great painter, sculptor and one my best friends in the world, and we had a fun time inking and painting in her studio. Somehow, on Saturday she convinced me to put on a fake mustache and a pirate hat for an elaborate photo shoot with about a dozen other people dressed in similarly elaborate and wacky garb. This, believe it or not, is not unusual for a typical Angelique visit. I also had the good fortune of being able to take some of my own photos, of Angelique's daughter, Amelie, and her babysitter, Zoe, for some future illustrations I have planned. And I'm sorry to say, you will not be seeing those photos of me in the pirate hat! At least not here.

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