Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Bee Class Today.

Today I teach my bee painting class at The Pence in conjunction with the "Sticky Business" bee-themed show. There will also be a presentation by a science guy with live bees.There's a pretty broad range of ages. I was told they would be anywhere from 4 to 12, but most likely 6 to 9, so the curriculum had to be pretty flexible. I'm starting with this simple diagram as a handout, just some basic bee anatomy:

Though I intend to allow the kids be pretty liberal in their interpretations of what a bee is, focusing primarily on materials and technique. Here are a few examples I intend to bring.

This one has a rock salt and splatter effect:

The athletic footwear on this bee is just to show that they can pretty much do whatever they want:

As is the color scheme on this one:

All of these paintings are about 18x24 inches, including the diagram.

So I'll be showing them wet into wet and drybrush techniques and we'll see how that works out. This is the first time I've tried to teach kids this young.

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