Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mini Comics! (The Making of)

I recently printed some mini comics at the print shop where I work. I meant to include some pictures of the press, but I accidentally deleted them.

 So after making color separations and plates, the pages were printed and trimmed, and this weekend we finished putting them together. Thomas Thomas graciously volunteered to colate them (that's not a typo, Thomas' first and last names are Thomas).

I stapled them.

And made the final trim.

And the finished product:

I also made another, smaller mini with a two color cover and black and white xeroxed interior, called, Baby God:

And these full color postcards sheathed in this lovely vellum envelope:

And you can purchase these and more at this years Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco on November 1st and 2nd!

If all goes well, I'll also be showing color copies of the rest of the book, which by then should be about 66 pages in all. I plan to do one more short story, but won't likely have it finished by APE. The mini will cover the first nineteen pages, and you can currently view the first 21 pages on Top Shelf 2.0!

Edit: That's actually the first 41 pages on Top Shelf!