Monday, July 06, 2009

Elephant Factory!

So I finally finished my elephant factory. This is inspired by a short story called "The Dancing Dwarf" from Haruki Murakami's collection, "The Elephant Vanishes". In it the main character works at a factory where they manufacture elephants.

This took about 5 weeks, and is probably my most complex image to date. The final print size is 20 by 50 inches, and it took forever to save. Everything was drawn at a larger size than the final print size except for the factory and the clouds which were drawn to size.

Detail of the trunk trimmer:

Fork lift and hoist guy:

Trunk and ear assemblers:

The end of the line. Also, in the background, the ear washer:

And then loaded onto trucks, and driven to their final destinations:

So I've got some other stuff that I'm occupied with at the moment: Applying for a grant, teaching a comic book making class and starting a figure drawing group, so it might be a while till my next picture, but right now I'm planning on drawing a scene from Doctor Dolittle.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Elephant Factory In Progress

Here are some in progress figures for my elephant factory. I didn't end up using all of these for one reason or another. Originally I was going to put in as many figures as I could come up with, but sometimes less is more or something. I ended up with about a dozen.


Uh, this is my studio. I really need to clean it.

In the process of coloring this thing right now, so it'll be a few more days before i post the final image.