Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan Kwanzaa, or Non-Denominational Celebration

Or if you choose not to celebrate anything, that's ok too. This is the first year I've actually kind of been into it. At least since I was a kid, but that might've been more about the anticipation of getting stuff. Actually I'm still really into getting stuff, and Reg and I have been having fun giving one another early Christmas gifts.

For instance, Reg got me this, the first good new newspaper strip in over 20 years, Cul De Sac. I love this strip! Buy it immediately! It has an introduction by Bill Watterson, and he just doesn't do that kind of thing!

Reg also got me collections of old post code "New Direction" EC comics, like Extra, and MD and Piracy, and for my birthday, my favorite, Psychoanalysis. If you don't know what I'm talking about it's because you have to be really into this stuff to a geeky extreme to even know it exists, and you're probably not missing anything.

You may or may not have received or be receiving a card with this picture on it:

If you haven't, or don't soon, just ask and you shall receive. I have plenty of them.

I haven't posted in a while because I've been spending most of my time working on a 13 page comic book story that has a lot of very hard things to draw in it. I'm very proud of it, and it should be done in about another month. It is also wordless.

Other News:

Two of my posters, The bicycle Tree and The Rooster, and my postcard sets are currently available for retail at the framing department at Ace Hardware here in Davis CA. We're looking into other retail possibilities in the near future, and are in the process of setting up the website for retail, though we have yet to "go public" with the whole retail thing.

I've also got an ultra top secret hush hush poster in the works that we're going to sell in conjunction with the inauguration guaranteed to make Mark Martin's eyes glaze over (Shhhh).

More Comics On Top Shelf

My superman strip, now titled, "Crime Fighter" is currently up on Top Shelf's website. And of course, it's also on the previous post, so you can check it out there as well if you haven't already.

I must thank Leigh Walton, editor of Top Shelf's online comics, for requesting to post the strip after finding it on my blog, thus proving that someone actually reads this thing.

The Blue Kid

Top shelf has also posted the complete Blue Kid, and all strips can be viewed here.

No news yet about print publication of The Blue Kid. It's been sent to all likely parties, but I've yet to get a yay or nay. If all else fails there's always the Xeric.