Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Indy Euphoria!

I'll have a table this weekend at Indy Euphoria at The Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento!

EDIT: As you can read in the comments, Jim Woodring won't be appearing, and he will be missed.

Here's a small sample of his work anyway:

To see more of Jim's work click:


For more info about the convention click:



  1. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Hi Jed-

    Thanks for the photons, but I won't be there, due reasons. I actually canceled some time ago but for some reason Team Indy Euphoria has not got that devastating news out... Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing you there. O well.

    All the best,

    Jim Woodring

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Last week, Indy Euphoria was notified by Jim Woodring that he unfortunately could not make it and is very sorry he cannot make. We have been trying to work something out to have him send us a print that we can give out to attendees for free in his absence as well as an art donation for our charity auction. Also, we have been looking to book last minute guests in place of Jim(as if he could be replaced) before we made an announcement. Tim Vigil, Chris Wisnia, Kevin Seconds, Roger Carpio & Mr.Lobo are all new guests. -Indy Euphoria

  3. Hey Jed,

    Is it was nice meeting you and your wife at Indy Euphoria. Your art is gorgeous! Will probably see you at the next con in the greater Oregon, Northern California area . . .

  4. Thanks Jesse!

    I met a lot of people at the convention and so I apologize that can't readily put a face with the name, but I do appreciate the feedback. Indy Euphoria was local, and this year at least, I intend to attend events close to home. I will be at APE in San Francisco though, so if you go to APE I'll be glad to see you there! If not, maybe sometime in the future I'll hit Portland.