Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Revisions, Revisions, Revisions

More Revisions on my soon to be submitted book dummy.

My writing buddy Shannon pointed out something I knew I needed to do but was too lazy to follow through with. the pumpkin needed to match the same level of render as the bugs on this one. I also beefed up the moon, adding a glow and some realistic moon texture:

I really think this improves the image dramatically and more accurately reflects the interior art, so yay, Shannon!

At the as usual right on target advice of my agent Abigail, I added more darks to this one, and used some more dry brush to make it look more rounded. I distorted the base of the candle to follow the contour of the inner wall of the pumpkin and added shadows to make it look more grounded. I also added a purple compliment into the bugs cast shadow. I like the new dry brush as well because it gives the candle more radiance.

I just finished all the rough art for my other dummy in progress,  Duck Island (you may have noticed that I've been posting that art periodically) and am in progress on a couple of finishes which I should be posting soon.

Once again, loving InDesign as a compositional tool. It's so easy to move pages and add pages and delete pages. It really gives you a sense of the ultimate layout of the book, makes it easier to break the text down into pages. It's also an instant digital dummy if you want to send it to a POD printer to get a hard copy. 

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