Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Duck Haberdasher, Big Four-Oh!

So, today I turn 40! I feel like such a grown-up. I've been married to an amazing person closing on 9 years, I'm building a career in children's books, my dream job, and I make a lot fewer stupid mistakes. Can't complain, really.

Or at least, I'm a lot better at pretending to be a grown-up, anyway (shhh, don't tell).

Today I will eat cake, Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz (thank you Ben and Jerry's for bringing back my favorite flavor for my birthday!)  and playing with my new (or new to me) Corgi Jr. Supermobile (don't ask) one of my favorite early birthday presents from my wife Regina.

And for you, I offer a denizen of Duck Island, my work in progress, The Duck Haberdasher!

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