Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Dry Brush Book Has Arrived!

The Dry Brush Book has arrived! 

The color looks really good!

The black and white and sepia tones came out nicely.

All around good printing from Diggypod! All typos, design issues (better spacing and the right attributions in the index for instance), and everything else have been corrected. The only mistake is that the last page has the page number on the right side instead of the left, but you wouldn't have notice that if I didn't tell you (oops!). 

The Dry Brush Book: 125 books and No More!

76 of you ordered The Dry Brush Book. 125 will be printed and no more. Each will be signed and numbered, and I'll be left with a few to sell at shows or fairs or wherever else I might be promoting (Mostly) Wordless, and then they'll be gone. That's it! There's a good chance there will be a second printing of (Mostly) Wordless beyond the initial 1000 book boutique run, but those of you who got The Dry Brush Book will likely be the only ones on your block to have one! Yay!
Some Delays, Chinese New Year...

So Asia Pacific is Reprinting (Mostly) Wordless after the printing error, and unfortunately this overlapped with the Chinese New Year celebration (Happy New Year, China!). Which means: we're going to get the books in late March, rather than February. Which means we're going to be sending everything out in the beginning of April. Which means: instead of a little early, we're going to be a little late, so I appreciate your patience.

Because of You...

So this is kind of amazing. I put these books together on Indesign and Photoshopped some pictures of what I thought they were going to look like, and the T-shirts, and everything else. None of it existed. It was all just ideas. And you believed in me when I said that I was going to make it happen. Nearly 300 of you did. And now it's becoming a reality! All because of you!

How cool is that?

So thank you. For everything. And everyone should be getting everything they ordered in April, a little late, but still very close to when promised.


  1. is there an isbn?

  2. Nope. It's not circulated or distributed. This was a Kickstarter exclusive, so no ISBN. But(Mostly) Wordless is still on Amazon in hardback!