Friday, November 21, 2014

Boy Who Was Mistaken For a Potted Plant Revisions

So I'm getting just about ready to submit my proposal for a picture book called "The Boy Who Was Mistaken For a Potted Plant." Here are the final revisions on the illustrations with suggestions from my agent Abigail Samoun. I'm pretty happy with them. 

 I haven't been posting much artwork lately because I've been busy making instructional videos and curriculum for a class I'll be teaching online in March, but more about that later!


  1. These look so fun for a book! How big do picture book illustrations need to be originally?

  2. Each component is done separately and combined on the computer, so some of it was done in different sizes.Wish I could give you a better answer. Basically whatever I can fit on an 11x17 sheet.

    I would preferably want this to be a small book, like The Little Bear by Minarik (sp?) and Sendak.

    My agent, Abigail Samoun, has just sent this out to publishers. Only one rejection so far, waiting to hear from others. Wish me luck!