Monday, September 20, 2010

Daily Post: This Guy Here


  1. These are all amazing. Do you already have 'plans' for them? Or are they 'only' for fun??

  2. Thanks Rick! You're the expert at creature making, so a particularly high compliment from you. Some of these are more successful than others. My plan was a big book of monsters--50 monsters with descriptions and so forth. It's meant to be a kids book but these are getting pretty weird, I hope, not too inaccessible. I've done 50 already, but I want to do at least 20 more and round them down to the best and least offensive, and then I'll do something else with the ones I like that are just too weird.

  3. Well, if it was me as a kid, I'd love all of 'em--finding such a book would be a huge, mind altering thrill.

    But, then, a lot of kids are raised by parents with limited imaginations, bent on passing all the same dreariness to their stifled offspring.

    And, I'm sure you're wise to watch your own steps ahead of the fact of such exposure.

    We have a medieval bestiary book reinterpreted some decades ago. Wish I could show it to you. The style of it, tho', is more like Patrick Woodroffe.