Friday, December 17, 2010


This was done last night while watching the BBC Terry Pratchett movie, Going Postal (or at least kind of watching). It has nothing at all to do with the movie. I drew it from a cheap dollar dinosaur toy I got at Target, and then kind of elaborated on the muscles and stuff:

I haven't quite stuck to my "daily post" schedule, but I intend to get back into it. I do it for the fans.

I'm sure anyone who knows anything about dinosaurs will be able to tell that it's not remotely accurate. I'm not even quite sure what kind of a dinosaur it is. Can anyone tell me? As for the movie, it wasn't bad, but I guess I used to like that kind of British humor more when I was younger. I've more or less lost my taste for it, but Reg loves it and loves Terry Pratchett. I did like a lot of the visual gags. The golems. Those were just great costumes! I should have probably drawn those! Well, there's a part two we're watching tonight...

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