Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Inks, a Successful Show!

Here's some more inks using my dry brush technique, this one looking entirely unintentionally a bit like Greg Ruth:

Though I imagine when it's colored and gets all mixed in with the rest of the image it will look a little more like me. I've been a long time fan of Ruth, though, and can't recommend his work more. An amazing draftsman and illustrator! My approach to drawing is a bit different--I'm not the draftsman Ruth is, and mine is a less naturalistic approach. Though this is a lousy comparison, If he were N.C. Wyeth or Dean Cornwell, I'd be A.B. Frost or John R. Neil. My approach to dry brush is also a bit different, but in this piece my style seems to have intersected in an interesting way with Ruth's.

Reception at the Pence

Great turnout for the show, but the best part was seeing friends I hadn't seen in a long time or don't see very often. I need to get out more!

We were more the sideshow than the main attraction--the UC Davis alumni show and the Michael Radin photography show downstairs were the main events, but we benefited by the overflow. Huge crowds. And for the membership drive they raffled off a print of mine. I ate too many sweets--tiny cupcakes, cookies, coffee cake, and lots of great hummus.

The show's still up at The Pence Gallery till March 20th. I have 12 pieces in it, the largest number of pieces I've had in any show yet.


  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    That's great Jed! Wish I could have been there!! xo Kaleen

  2. Thanks Kaleen! hope you're doing well.