Thursday, August 11, 2011

A New Figure and My Blog Gets a New Look!

Not a great drawing night, but I was happy with this short gesture. This is a five minute pose.

No Longer "Apologizing in Advance"

So I decided to change the look and title of my blog. I changed the layout a bit: Now I'm featuring in the right hand column a list of the most visited blog posts for the week, and if you scroll down a little, you'll also see my Twitter feed, even though I still have no idea what to do with Twitter. But most importantly, I changed the header and title of my blog. I'm no longer "Apologizing in Advance". I think that title has officially outlived it's usefulness. The title was based, in part, on a certain amount of insecurity, a feeling that maybe I might say the wrong thing. So with the new look and new title comes a new confidence. I feel more confident in general about the quality of my work and the quality of my writing. So I hope you enjoy the new look, and my work as it continues to progress!


    you deserve to have confidence in your work, enchanting fluff~

  2. Thanks! Though "Fluff" isn't quite how I see my work. I do sometimes try to give it a lighthearted feel, but being lighthearted isn't my only intention. I try to to instill my images with a compelling narrative that engages the viewer in a meaningful way.

  3. The new layout looks great. Your old title reflected your great humor -- but that usually peeks through in your writing too.

    Your work is gorgeous and I love the narrative aspect.

  4. Thanks, and love you Reg!