Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Easter Girl

Here's another figure, this one inked, for my Easter egg hunt image in progress. I'm finding hair one of my favorite things to ink--drybrush is so perfect for hair--so I had fun drawing this little girls hair falling over her face. 

I joined an online writing workshop recently with a small group of excellent writers where I'm developing my adult science fiction short stories. It's a great experience, and I'm getting some great feedback, and I hope to try and get some of these suckers in print in the near future, perhaps under a pseudonym, if for no other reason than to distinguish them from my kid friendly material. The idea being, that if I happen to write a science fiction novel for adults, and someone is looking for more books by the guy who did Ladybug and Gentleman Beetle, it won't cause any confusion. Two of my favorite cartoonists use a similar strategy to distinguish their kid material from their adult material,  Renee French and Dave Cooper, but this may be a little over ambitious at this point for someone who has yet to have one book in print, let alone two under different names. Still, it's a fun notion to play with. I always liked the idea of having a pseudonym. 


  1. Jed, you're killin it. gorgeous!!!

  2. Thanks Renee! I just really like drawing hair.

  3. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Too sweet. Makes me want to drift off into the forest and drop bread crumbs.