Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last Spread from my Mini Book

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I'm just finishing up my 17 page mini book, and that's what I've been spending all my time on. This is one of the spreads. The format will be 4x8, 22 pages in all with the title page, etc. I'll be posting the whole thing in some form or other, but the plan is to make about a dozen hand bound versions to send out as gifts to art directors. The next task is to actually learn how to bind books! I might also make a saddle-stitched cheaper version and make it available on my site's store, but the store hasn't been getting much traffic these days. Maybe Etsy?

I just got a new gig for Cricket Magazine for the January 2013 issue. I always like doing work for Cricket. Otherwise, I've got a number of writing projects in the works, my agent, Abi, is getting ready to submit my early reader book, Ladybug and Gentleman Beetle, and she's reading my first YA novel, Wish I Were Here,  for possible submission. There are some other possible future opportunities that just might happen, but generally, I've been pleasantly and challengingly busy, and the Pomodoro Technique has been keeping me on task. 

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