Monday, June 03, 2013

Mira Reisberg's Video of Me Explaining my Process

Here you can see me making unintentional goofy expressions and explaining my process in an impromptu interview with Mira Reisberg. At the time of her visit, I didn't know she was bringing a camera so I wasn't quite prepared, but I think she did a pretty good job editing it all together and making me sound comprehendible, though there's a little bit of shaky cam.

Here are the final images that appear in Cricket Magazine:

And I write about the experience, here.


  1. That is an interesting video of you. Reisberg seems to know her stuff about your work. But I agree; the camera's a bit shaky and there's a lot of background noise. The video could've been better without that. It's best to have a professional studio handle video productions like this, so more people would watch it and know more about your work.

    Bighorn Studios

  2. To be fair to Mira, this was pretty impromptu. She came to my studio for a Photoshop lesson, and wanted me to show her the process I went through to make my pictures. She neglected to tell me she was bringing a camera! I keep folders of all the drawings for all my projects, and I just ended up emptying one on the table and going through it. Considering, I'm surprised it came out as well as it did!