Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sketch Card Samples

So this is me answering the question, "can you do sketch cards?"

"Sketch cards" are, from what I understand, hand drawn cards inserted into packs of trading cards as a bonus. Each drawing is trading card size.

Since I didn't think the people who commission these things was going to look at my portfolio and say, "yep, this is the guy we're going to have draw Star Wars cards" I made these samples. This is actually the first time in my adult life I've drawn Star Wars anything, and since Star Wars dominated my childhood, it was a good time! I even had Star Wars trading cards as a kid!

Also Mars Attacks, which is what I'm more likely going to end up doing. For those unfamiliar, Mars Attacks was a series of trading cards done of the 50s that have seen a recent revival. Also, that Tim Burton movie "Mars Attacks" was based on these very same cards. Here's what they looked like back then:

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